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EE Dept. contributes the most (>50%) to the number of UPH's international publications (SCOPUS data Sept 2011).                        More than 80% of EE Master graduates present part of their thesis work in international conferences.

Universitas Pelita Harapan
Graduate Program in Electrical Engineering

Accredited for B by BAN - PT (Indonesian National Accreditation Body for Higher Education)

Program Magister (S2) Teknik Elektro UPH mempunyai 1 bidang konsentrasi yaitu Konsentrasi Telekomunikasi dengan penekanan pada:
• Komunikasi Bergerak (Mobile Communications)
• Komunikasi Multimedia (Multimedia Communications)
• Komunikasi Optik (Optical Communications)
Selain mata kuliah - mata kuliah keahlian (MKK dan MKB) di bidang teknik telekomunikasi, kurikulum juga dilengkapi dengan mata kuliah perilaku berkarya (MKB) yang melengkapi kompetensi teknik lulusan dengan pemahaman akan tata kelola industri telekomunikasi dan regulasi pemerintah serta dunia internasional (ITU) di bidang telekomunikasi.

Program dirancang dengan tujuan menyiapkan lulusan yang mampu memberikan kontribusi dalam memecahkan masalah nyata di dunia telekomunikasi di Indonesia dan global, serta memenuhi kualifikasi akademik untuk melanjutkan pendidikan ke jenjang doktoral (S3) di luar maupun dalam negeri.

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Dikti's research grants for our lecturers
In 2011, an international journal paper of a UPH's EE lecturer was granted the "Hibah bantuan penulisan/penerbitan artikel ilmiah pada berkala bereputasi internasional" by Dikti. At this time, the paper was already cited 6 times (according to Google Scholar). In 2012, two research proposals by two UPH's EE lecturers and team are granted the "Hibah Bersaing" research grants by Dikti.

Why should I get a Master degree in Electrical Engineering?
Surveys proved that the impact of the development of the ICT (Information and Communication Technology) on the economy of a country is quite significant. Since the launching of Palapa Satellite until the recent deployment of 3G technology by well-known telecommunication operators in the country, telecommunication technology continues to rapidly grow. …… click here to read further ….

What can optics contribute to route your high speed internet packets?
At the moment we access the internet, the data are sent in form of many small packets being dynamically and smartly switched by routers. Due to the consistently increasing internet traffic, electronic routers will soon become insufficient, especially at the peak hours at major internet exchanges. When electronic routers reach their speed limit, optics can be the answer, not only for the transmission medium, but also for processing and routing of the packets, enable skipping or at least reducing of the inefficient O/E/O conversion. here to read further ...

How good is the QoS of sms?
Short message service (sms) of a mobile telephone is amazing. Its low cost and simplicity enable many applications. But what will happen if urgent and critical messages are sent while either the network or the terminal (mobile phone) is disturbed during a peak hour? Our guest lecturer Prof. Greg Tangonan discussed about measurement results of QoS of sms under several disturbance in Philippines. ….click here to read further ….

Analog is still alive
Digital is in general known to be more superior than analog. But there are applications where analog communications are more preferable than digital communications. Which applications are there? Why analog is more preferable? What are the challenges? Our guest lecturer, D. A. I. Marpaung M.Sc., a researcher in Univ. Twente, The Netherlands talked about that in the context of optical communications from Enschede, The Netherlands to our students in Karawaci and Slipi, Jakarta through our modern telelecture facilities.
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